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Bill Grassie

Your Independent Voice

8th Congressional District


The two party political system is broken and is not working for us anymore. I no longer believe that either of the political parties will be able to rise above the partisanship to act in ways that are good for the American people.

My decision to run as an Independent is based on my desire to serve, but only if I can serve unencumbered by politics as usual and without reliance on special interest money.  As an Independent, I will be giving voters that choice.

Our responsibility as citizens is to find the person who best represents us, and to send that person to Washington, D.C., trusting that they will look out for our interests and the interests of our nation as a whole.

It is my duty as a candidate to act with the highest ethical standards and to be transparent in how I present myself to the voting public.  It is only through transparency that voters will be able to select the best person to represent them.

As I visit with constituents, I am strengthened in my resolve that I am best positioned to represent you in the 8th Congressional District in ways other candidates cannot match.  My 30 years of experience in corporate America, my agricultural roots, and my small business background connects me to this district uniquely.

As the election cycle progresses, I encourage you to follow my campaign to discover for yourself whether you would best be represented by me as Your Independent Voice.

Thank You!


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