Press Release - Red, White and Blue on the porch


Fall City, Washington, June 12, 2018 - Grassie Launches Red, White, and Blue Porch Talks to bring Civility and Unity Back to Politics.

Motivated by his desire to lead the political discourse back to one of civility and unity, Bill Grassie, Independent Centrist candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington’s 8th Congressional District, launches a series of porch talks open to the public to capture and reflect on our commonalities as Americans.

“I entered this race as an Independent Centrist because our democracy is at risk. We must find ways to hold our public servants accountable for positive outcomes rather than tolerating abuses of political power. Today, campaigns are won by dividing us.  The only way to end this norm is to upend the broken two-party system.”  

For the second year in a row, the U.S. has been ranked as a flawed democracy. This should give us pause, as should the fact that Congress has an approval rating below 20 percent. Grassie believes the fault lies in the nature of the two-party system, even when we elect good people. Changing the system will require pressure from outside the two major parties to overcome the dysfunction and hypocrisy on which Congress thrives. Minimizing partisanship and special interest influence to effect positive change is the only way to make this happen.

Grassie believes a credible non-partisan voice is needed. “My professional and corporate background, agricultural roots, and small business experience make me uniquely qualified to best represent this district and our nation. As I speak with constituents from both sides of the partisan divide, I find we agree on the goals and outcomes we want for this country, but we need civil and thoughtful debate to achieve them.”

To encourage this dialogue, Grassie will be holding Red, White, and Blue discussion forums in the district. The red, of course, designates the Republican perspective and the Blue the Democrat perspective. The white is the moderating factor of a glass of white wine. This small group discussion is intended to get friends and family with opposing political viewpoints to begin talking with civility again.  Participants will be asked to offset their perspective by inviting friends or family members with the opposite viewpoints to join them. Common goals and objectives will be identified over a glass of wine (wine optional).  Registration can be found at 

While others running in this race under a major party banner may be qualified to serve, it will be impossible for them to rise above the hyper-partisan divide. Today the divide is so wide and the power struggle so intense it has permeated our daily lives.

There are three points Grassie wants the voters of the 8th District to know.

1)    Washington has a top two open primary. Only the top two vote getters will advance to the general election. If you are tired of politics as usual and want to ensure you have a good choice in November, you must vote in the August 7 primary. 

2)    According to a recent poll conducted in Washington State by the national organization of Unite America, in a head-to-head race, a generic Independent will win handily against either a generic Democrat or Republican.

3)    Grassie is the only candidate in this race that filed as an Independent Centrist. One truly Independent Centrist can move Congress forward to work for all of us toward achieving our common goals.

Grassie is socially and environmentally progressive and fiscally responsible. Details of his centrist platform can be found at

About Bill

Bill is a father of three and a grandfather of four. 

He recently retired from a 30-year career with executive experience at Microsoft, Dell, and Sprint, and is currently a small business owner and winemaker at William Grassie Wine Estates in Fall City.


Contact:  Marie Joy, Campaign Manager, 425-395-4908,

William Grassie